History of Visuri & Paavola Oy

Visuri & Paavola Oy is a family-run heavy equipment provider based in Kalajoki, Finland. The company dates back to 1985 when Timo Visuri founded a one-man business providing heavy equipment services.

Marko Paavola came to work for Timo Visuri in the early 1990s. He left Visuri to work for other companies but eventually returned to work with Visuri again in 1997. Four years after their reunion they became business partners when they founded the limited company Visuri & Paavola Oy in the spring of 2001.


In the early stages, the company's main clients were the municipality of Kalajoki, the Kalajoen Konepaja workshop and several other companies and private clients. The local fur farms were also important clients.

Teaming Up With the Port of Kalajoki

Timo Visuri began providing services for the Port of Kalajoki in the late 1980s, starting out mostly in processing bulk goods. Over the years, Visuri & Paavola Oy has overtaken more and more operations at the port, making it one of their main clients.


The company expanded its operations in 2006 when they started providing forklifts for the Junnikkala Sawmill. Today Visuri & Paavola Oy has a versatile machinery and it serves both companies and private clients in Kalajoki and the neighbouring towns of Kokkola, Ylivieska, Raahe and Pyhäjoki.

Our company's goal is to grow and develop, and to expand our fleet of equipment so that we can continue to serve our customers efficiently in the future.
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